The San Joaquin County Office of Education declares its commitment to Sustainability.

    Sustainability means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

    The poster below illustrates various sustainability efforts we've begun to implement at the San Joaquin County Office of Education campus:

    A Few of Our Green Initiatives:

    · A 500-Kilowatt solar photovoltaic parking structure will cover two acres and provide 80% of the electricity used at the Wentworth Education Center.

    · Five- Level II Electric Vehicle charging stations will be installed on campus by Spring 2012.

    · A California Energy Commission incentive program is funding installation of 42 1600-watt rooftop wind turbines; six on each building.

    · NEW: We will launch a Clean Transportation Technologies Academy in Fall, 2012 with a new 9th grade class and 10th grade class. Students will study electric vehicles, alternative fuels, transportation systems, urban planning, and more!

    · Coordination among staff, students, and our waste collector has led to a 50% reduction in landfill-bound material and significant paper stock being recycled.

    · Additional recycling services will include metals and glass, batteries, books, paint, and food waste and organic matter.

    · Significant changes to the campus design will encourage pedestrian use over vehicles and enhance campus safety and beauty.

    · Regenerative landscaping practices and rainwater recovery systems will be employed with the goal of reducing our water use by 50%.

    · Motivational events, staff awareness efforts, and educational signage are among projects that will be led by students from the Venture Academy Family of Schools.

    ...and more to come!

    Our 17 Rs: