Venture Academy in the News!

Local reporters dropped in on students at Venture Academy on Wednesday September 1st.

From the
Stockton Record:

Bright ideas: S.J., PG&E flip switch on New Energy Academy, where students' studies will focus on green tech

September 02, 2010 12:00 AM

STOCKTON - One of San Joaquin County's newest schools - PG&E's New Energy Academy - is a place where the wind blows and a low-wattage light bulb glows.

On Wednesday, a pioneering class of 28 first-year students were given a glimpse of what lies ahead at this campus devoted to green technology. They were introduced to makeshift wind turbines, solar panels and energy efficiency measures.

Science and technology demonstrations helped jump-start the school year.

Partners in bringing the New Energy Academy to life are Pacific Gas & Electric Co., the county Office of Education and the California Department of Education.

The campus is part of Venture Academy and is situated inside the county Office of Education's Career Technology Education Building north of Arch Road and west of Highway 99.

Dedicated to a sustainable planet, the school is one of only five sponsored by PG&E in Northern and Central California.

"The program is devoted to teaching about renewable energy and green technology," said Nicole Liebelt, a spokeswoman for the utility. "The goal is to build a foundation for college and for jobs."

The first day's hands-on experience included plugging in various appliances and computers, and then testing their kilowatt usage. With PG&E employees assisting, the academy's teachers took students from station to station and showed them how to apply science to everyday life.

There was even a bonding moment, when students huddled around an all-hands-on static-electricity demonstration.

Venture Academy became home Wednesday to the New Energy Academy, a school for green technology sponsored by Pacific Gas and Electric. Above, Orlando Ochoa, 14, from left; Raul Toledo, 15; Armando Diaz, 16; and Ovaiz Ali, 15, take part in a static-electricity demonstration. Top, a solar panel collects light from several bulbs; the energy is registered in a volt meter.

Michael McCollum/The Record

Among the technologies New Energy Academy students will study is wind power. Manuel Rodriguez, 17, and Letticia Sanchez, 15, take part in a wind power demonstration Wednesday morning. Solar power and energy-efficiency measures also are part of the academy's curriculum.

Michael McCollum/The Record

Students look over a solor power demonstration in the new energy acadamy class at Venture Acadamy in Stockton Wednesday morning. The energy is collected in a solor panel, and registered in a volt meter.

Michael McCollum/The Record

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